LVIV FASHION WEEK for ECO: an ecological program for Ukrainian designers

Lviv Fashion Weeek supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation is launching an ecological program for Ukrainian designers «Lviv Fashion Week for Eco». The program includes a 5-day training part and a contest among the participants for the best eco-friendly collection with the winner receiving the award in the form of the collection production and presentation at Lviv Fashion Week SS 2020 entirely at the expense of the organizer.

The ecological trend is one of the primary importance issues in the world and almost daily it becomes even more pressing as the result of the disturbing reports on the climate change and the environmental pollution, which can turn out irreversible. Fashion, as one of the most ecologically harmful industries, meets the demands of the environment and the society, and, thus, nowadays the sustainable fashion gets the maximum relevance representing the conscious approach to fashion, which sets forth the principles of the ethical and ecologically safe consumption, animal protection and the control over fabric manufacturing. Numerous global brands stop using furs and launch the recycling of used/dumped items, recycling of plastics or ocean garbage, monitor the working conditions at the manufacturing sites while firmly stating their position and environmental initiatives. The respectful attitude towards the nature, sustainable usage of its exhaustive resources and cutting to minimum the harmful human influence on the environment is also one of the primary tasks for the fashion-industry.   

The aim of «Lviv Fashion Week for Eco» project is to promote the sustainable fashion among designers and consumers, demonstrate that eco-theme equals quality, trend and high prospects, and foster eco-activities in the work of the Ukrainian designers through the clear and substantial financial motivation (the winner of the contest will receive the opportunity to have own fashion collection manufactured, receive the organization of the fashion show at the expense of the organizer), as well as through the implementation of the current global trend of the sustainable consumption within the Ukrainian society.   

The project programme includes the 5-day training course on ecological topic designated for the fashion designers (July 30 – August 03); the contest stage, when the participant applications will be considered (August 10 -25); announcement of the winner (August 26); the fashion show presenting the winner’s collection at the main location of Lviv Fashion Week SS 2020 (October 11).

For participation in the project one should go through the registration. The deadline for application submission passes on July 25, 2019. All registered participants should attend the lectures of the training programme «Lviv Fashion Week for Eco – the space of ecological thinking», which will take place on July 30 – August 03, 2019 at the Design House. For the participants from other cities the accommodation in Lviv is foreseen at the expense of the organizer. After passing the training part of the project the designers prepare and submit their project proposals: collection description, designs of 25 models, colour and fabric card, and the photo of 1 model executed in fabric. The deadline for proposal submission is August 25.   

For additional information: [email protected]