LVIV OCT 10-13, 2019


Futura Hub 200a, Kulparkivska str.

Design House 5, Pogulyanka str.

Kinopalace "Kopernik" 9, Kopernyka str.

Fest Republic 24-26, Staroznesenska str.


10/10, Thursday

18.30   "Managing a startup in the fashion industry, through the example of Chereshnivska brand", lecture by Iryna Kokhana (co-owner of Chereshnivska brand) | Design House

20.00   "SMM strategy for a fashion brand", lecture by Viktoria Bahday (manager of ONE : ONE AGENCY) | Design House


16.00   “Diversity you" project presentation | Futura Hub

18.00   Olga Steblak // Iryna Soloviy | main catwalk, Fest Republic

18.30   Space "Fashion Revolution: The Future of Textiles" presentation | Fest Republic

19.00   Nit.kA | main catwalk, Fest Republic

20.00   Lviv Orchestra Fashion: Marta Wachholz & INSO Lviv | main catwalk, Fest Republic


11/10, Friday

18:30   "Japanese TR Cutting technique in fashion design", master class by Anastasiya Perfilyeva Cavagna (owner of La Nuova Sartoria atelier) | Design House

20.00   "Motivational story of the Horondi brand", lecture by Oleksandr Horondi (owner of Horondi brand) | Design House


17.00   "Fast Fashion versus Slow Fashion" roundtable – with the participation of Kateryna Kusko (Lviv National Academy of Arts), Yana Chervinska, and Diana Popfalushi (Zero Waste Lviv) | Green Space, Fest Republic

18.00   ORNAMENT // SOYKA | main catwalk, Fest Republic

19.00   Chereshnivska | main catwalk, Fest Republic

20.00   Balossa (IT) | main catwalk, Fest Republic

21.00   Olena Oliynyk | main catwalk, Fest Republic


12/10, Saturday

11.00   "Entry of a brand into international markets", lecture by Indra Kaffemanaite (Creative/Art Director Balossa) | Design House

12.30   "How to create a brand from scratch. Prospects of fashion education", lecture by Natalia Kholodylo (owner of Novana Studio brand) | Design House

14.00   "Business in the fashion industry through an example of a showroom. The main mistakes and crises", lecture by Lidia Prodan (owner of Open Store Lviv showroom) | Design House

16.00   "Sustainable fashion defines the future", lecture by Klaudia Shevelyuk (founding partner of Change Agency Responsible Future) | Green Space, Fest Republic

17.00   Book presentation by Olena Martynyuk "How to get into the fashion industry and stay there"| Green Space, Fest Republic

17.00   FRBTK | main catwalk, Fest Republic

18.00   HAVRYLIV | main catwalk, Fest Republic

18.30   "Fashion residences: first experience and prospects", lecture by Volodymyr Nechyporuk (general producer of Ukrainian Fashion Week) | Green Space, Fest Republic

19.00   7/11 Seven Eleven | main catwalk, Fest Republic

20.00   Nemsen (GE) | main catwalk, Fest Republic

21.00   Salvatore Piccione (IT) | main catwalk, Fest Republic


13/10, Sunday

11.00   "Sustainable way. Innovations in textile industry", lecture by Yana Chervinska (owner of Yana Chervinska brand) | Design House

12.30   "Innovations and sustainability in fashion. Story and reality", lecture by Olga Myelkova (IED Area Manager) | Design House

14.00   "Brand strategy in the fashion industry", lecture by Anna Kulchytska (owner of Friday Agency) | Design House


17.00  "Trend 2020 in Fashion", lecture by Giovanni Ottonello (IED Art Director) | Green Space, Fest Republic

17.00   Zalesova // Starchak | main catwalk, Fest Republic

18.00   Onufriv.O | main catwalk, Fest Republic

19.00   Lviv Fashion Week for Eco: Oppido | main catwalk, Fest Republic

20.00   Juliya Kros | main catwalk, Fest Republic

21.00   Kristina Laptso & Khmara | main catwalk, Fest Republic




lecture + movie screening


10/10, Thursday

19.00   "My generation" | Kinopalace "Kopernik"


11/10, Friday

19.00   "Dries" | Kinopalace "Kopernik"

20.40   "Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist" | Kinopalace "Kopernik"


12/10, Saturday

19.00   "Sex Fashion & Disco" | Kinopalace "Kopernik"

20.40   "McQueen" | Kinopalace "Kopernik"


13/10, Sunday

17.30   "My generation" | Kinopalace "Kopernik"

19.00   "Celebration" | Kinopalace "Kopernik"

20.20   "Sex Fashion & Disco" | Kinopalace "Kopernik"