New LvivFW locations

Apart from revealing new designers’ names Lviv Fashion Week organizers try to involve new locations every season, using bright, rather unexpected buildings and interiors to demonstrate the diversity of Lviv, which combines ancient monuments, industrial landscapes and modern architecture.

Shows and presentations of the XX-th edition of Lviv Fashion Week respectively, were held at different locations. The official opening of Lviv Fashion Week and the exhibition "Gianni Versace. Private collection by Alexandre Stefani" took place in the Potocki Palace, one of the most interesting and famous monuments of Lviv historical architecture of the nineteenth century. According to the Brazilian collector Alexandre Stefani, the Potocki Palace is the most beautiful location in which his collection has ever been exhibited.

This season, for the first time, the Machine Hall of the 10th building of Lviv Polytechnic National University was engaged, which formed the corresponding creative design (turbines and mechanisms of the 50s) for presentations by young designers (Burdo, Lyubasha Kyleshko, KartNate, Vladyslava Matiyashek, Tata Kalita, Uliana Nedoshytko) and Kateryna Karol showcase.

Mykytyuk & Yatsentyuk show took place at the recently opened Sheptytsky Center. This building is an example of relevant contemporary architecture, designed by the German architect Stefan Behnisch; the innovative information and resource centre and library of the Ukrainian Catholic University are located here.

The majority of shows of the main schedule were traditionally held in Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport, new terminal of which has been the main location of Lviv Fashion Week since 2014.

Ph: Aleksandr Shamov, Igor Fedoriv