Lviv Fashion Week SS 2018 AD campaign

In the new Lviv Fashion Week advertising campaign models in the clothes from collections of Lviv Fashion Week designers are shown with urban and industrial landscapes in the background. The shooting took place at the location of the new creative space FESTrepublik, which was arranged on the territory of the old abandoned glass factory. The stylist Olena Boldyreva, photographer Andriy Goncharenko, models Olena Husak, Roksolana Nazarkevych (LFW models), Daria Kabachenko, Oleh Tymchii worked on advertising campaign. Clothes from collections of Marta Wachholz, Kateryna Karol, Lesia Semi, N.Rozova brands were used.

"The idea was to show contemporary young people against the backdrop of urban modern Lviv. We applied a non-standard approach and engaged in shooting professional models, and non-models, - progressive youth, since people like them are creating a fashionable face of Lviv today. These were different people engaged in various spheres of activity, of different views on life, non-standard look - and this is their feature. They are sporty, active, energetic and charismatic. We used to take one model for Lviv Fashion Week campaigns, or these were non-object images, but this time we decided to increase the number of models to 4. For me it associates with Lviv Fashion Week itself - we are also non-standard, active, developing, increasing our turnover", - Olena Boldyreva said. 

Clothes&accessories: Marta Wachholz, Kateryna Karol, Lesia Semi, N_Rozova
Style: Olena Boldyreva
Photos: Andriy Goncharenko
Models: Roksolana Nazarkevych, Olena Husak (LFWmodels), Daria Kabachenko, Oleg Tymchii
Make-up: Olga Yankovska
Location: FESTrepublic

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